adaptTo() 2014

adaptTo() 2014 - Integrating Open Source Search with CQ/AEM

I just received confirmation that I will be speaking at adaptTo() 2014. This session describes several approaches for integrating Apache Solr with AEM. It starts with an introduction to various pull and push indexing strategies (e.g., Sling Eventing, content publishing and web crawling). The topic of content ingestion is followed by an approach for delivering rapid search front-end experiences using AEM Solr Search. 

A quick start implementation of the search stack will be provided as part of this presentation. The quick start installer includes pre-configured instances of Apache Solr and Apache Nutch. This presentation will also include the source code for the Community Edition of’s AEM Solr Search. AEM Solr Search is a suite of AEM search components and services designed to integrate with Apache Solr. 

There will be a hackathon session afterwards, so it would be great to see you in person.