I am a software architect at headwire.com, Inc specializing in enterprise search, content management, Java and agile development. Currently, I am working on search solutions using Solr, Nutch and Hydra as well as content management solutions for Adobe AEM (CQ) 5.4/5.5/5.6/6.0. 


Current Projects

  • AEM Solr Search - A Solr / CQ integration by headwire.com, Inc
  • Evaluation of Hyda and Aspire document processing for CQ
  • Solr / AEM integration for a cable TV network

Previous Projects

  • CQ/AEM product comparison tool (Apache Solr)
  • CQ/AEM integration with Janrain
  • CQ/AEM geospatial search integration
  • Java-based environment agnostic, automated installer for AEM/CQ and Solr
  • Solr / CQ integration for a large automotive company
  • Solr / CQ integration in the real estate sector
  • CQ 5.5 to CQ 5.6 upgrade
  • CQ 5.4 to CQ 5.5 Update 1 upgrade
  • CQ 4.2 to CQ 5.5 content migration
  • CQ 5.5 / FAST Connector integration
  • CQ 5.5 / Transperfect Project Director integration
  • Developed custom CQ 5 content migration tool using Google App Engine, GAE Pipeline, Struts 2.2.x, Spring, XML and XSLT. Successfuly migrated and transformed 25,000 CQ pages.
  • Performed large scale CQ 5 refactoring to consolidate ~44 CQ templates down to 5 templates.
  • Developed suite of UNIX shell scripts to support various CQ 5 package manager operations.
  • CQ5 / Search as Navigation proof-of-concept.
  • Real-time search analytics suite for FAST ESP based on Solr back-end.
  • ClickScore framework for FAST ESP (similar to the solution offered by LucidWorks).
  • Next generation Search Business Console for FAST ESP.
  • Custom FAST ESP connector to support record collapsing and data packing.
  • Custom tools to automate FAST ESP administration tasks
  • Custom performance reporting suite for FAST ESP
  • Custom top-10 boosting for FAST ESP
  • Solr-based type ahead / auto completion
  • Regional search, including support for CJK languages
  • Replatformed FAST ESP search front-end from Day CQ 4.2 to custom Java web application based on Struts 2.x, Spring 2.5.x and Apache Tiles.
  • Genomic search