RunKeeper Wish List: Heart Rate Support for Manual Activities

As an avid RunKeeper user, I have been actively logging my runs, both manual and GPS, for that last 6 months using the Android RunKeeper application. For Christmas, my wife gave me the Polar Wearlink+ Transmitter with Bluetooth to track my heart rate.  

As a runner who divides his time between the treadmill and running outdoors, it seems like a waste to have my $80 heart rate monitor sitting on the side lines half the time. RunKeeper, please get your act together and add a feature to track a workout without GPS. While I am not a fan of Endomondo, at least they support this functionality. The only reason I haven't moved to Endomondo is because RunKeeper owns 6 months of my training data.

RunKeeper, please add heart rate monitor support for manual activities. As a software engineer, I know this is a trivial exercise. I'll make you a deal; if you add this feature, I'll upgrade to RunKeeper Elite.