American Ninja Warrior - Day #3, 4 and 5

It's been a hectic week on the road with alternating long work days (15-16 hrs) and short days (10-12 hrs). I managed to get workouts in on the short days and was able to maintain a "clean diet". Here's what the diet looked like:

  1. Breakfast - Oatmeal or egg white frittata at the hotel with coffee.
  2. Lunch - The company catered mostly from local restaurants. I went with salads (with protein) or carb-less sandwiches. I opted out of the side and junk food options (e.g., chips, cookies, etc.)
  3. Dinner - I usually was able to find grilled veggies and asked for a side of chicken breast. And, no alcohol. My substitution was sparkling water. 

The workouts included 4-7+ miles runs, crunches, pull ups on the tree in the court yard and TRX.

American Ninja Warrior - First Day of Training

American Ninja Warrior - First Day of Training

While traveling on business to Toronto a few weeks back I discovered this amazing show--American Ninja Warrior. Suffice it to say, I was hooked and decided to make it my goal to attempt it next year. I actually have been an avid runner for about 5 years now and have been TRX training for about 2 years. 

Even while being on the road and working 60+ hour weeks, I honestly believe with a bit more training (ok, significantly more training) that I can physically compete. Here's my plan.

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